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The Lawrence Habitat ReStore is one of 5 Habitat ReStores in Kansas.

Working in partnership with Lawrence Habitat for Humanity, the Habitat ReStore retail operation provides a valuable source of cash flow to our construction program through the sale of donated building materials.

Our goals are to:

  • Generate cash flow to support Habitat's home building program
  • Keep valuable materials out of local area landfills
  • Provide the community with a source of low cost building materials
  • Provide an opportunity to volunteer at Habitat ReStore

Here's how it works:

  • Habitat for Humanity accepts donations of new and saleable, used building materials such as cabinets, lighting and plumbing fixtures, doors, lumber, flooring, and windows.
  • Some materials will be used to build Habitat houses. The rest will be sold to the public at 40-75% off the retail price.
  • There are over 500 Habitat ReStores in the U.S and Canada.

Habitat ReStore:

  • Makes home improvements more affordable.
  • Helps Habitat build more homes.
  • Prevents usable building materials from going to a landfill. Habitat ReStore keeps close to 250 tons of building materials out of the Douglas/Jefferson County landfill annually.

How you can help:

Habitat ReStore is an ambitious project, and we need the help of a lot of people in many different ways to make it successful. You can help by volunteering , donating good used building materials, or simply by shopping at Habitat ReStore.

All donations to Habitat ReStore are tax deductible.

Click here to view our mission statement.

What is Habitat ReStore?
Lawrence Habitat ReStore is one of 5 Habitat ReStores in Kansas. Through the sales of donated building materials Lawrence Habitat ReStore hopes to contributes enough funds for two Habitat for Humanity homes a year. Through donations from businesses and individuals, the Habitat ReStore diverts large amounts of reusable materials from landfills and provides materials to the public at low prices.

Is Habitat ReStore open to the public?
Yes! Anyone is welcome to shop at the Habitat ReStore. Store hours are 9-5 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday; 9-6 Thursday and 9-2 on Saturday.

What does Habitat ReStore sell?

Sales items may consist of but are not limited to: cabinets, appliances, lighting and plumbing fixtures, hardware, roofing, carpet, tools, trim, doors, lumber, flooring, furniture, and windows. Check back often, our inventory changes frequently!

How are the items priced at Habitat ReStore?
Materials are sold to the public at 40 - 75% off the retail price.

Where do items come from?
Habitat ReStore accepts new and used building-related materials from contractors, suppliers, individuals, remodelers and property managers.

How often do you get new merchandise?

Our inventory changes often - we are receiving new items weekly, if not daily.

How do I go about donating an item?
If you have good, reusable or new materials, give us a call at (785) 856-6920. For more details, please check out the donations section.

Will you pick items up?
It is a possibility, but due to our limited pick up schedule we prefer to have materials dropped off.

Where do the proceeds from the sales go?
Proceeds from Habitat ReStore's sales support Lawrence Habitat for Humanity's primary objectives of building affordable, energy efficient houses with low-income families, and the rehabilitation of urban residential neighborhoods.

Are my donations Tax deductible?

Your donation may be tax deductible, depending on your individual situation. Please consult a tax professional and see this IRS publication for reference.

Does Habitat ReStore place a value on the items we donate?

No, you place the value on your donations.

How can my business get involved?
There are many ways local businesses can contribute: financial donations, equipment donations, sponsor a special event for the Habitat ReStore, place an ad for or with Habitat ReStore, volunteer at Habitat ReStore, donate materials to Habitat ReStore, or shop at Habitat ReStore.

How can I help?
Habitat ReStore is always looking for volunteers to help with stocking shelves, picking up donations, and general store upkeep. Please check the volunteers section of our site. Thank you!

Do you have an eNewsletter?
Not at this time, but with the help of a volunteer, we may be able to get one going.

Do you have a deconstruction program?

Lawrence Habitat for Humanity ReStore does not offer deconstruction, but we would direct you to Kansas City's ReStore. Contacting them by e-mail is the best way to see if they may be able to work with you. Contact Mark Bullock, Deconstruction Manager, at mark@restorekc.org

What has our Habitat ReStore contributed to our community?

Dollars to Habitat
Tons Redistributed to Use

$0.00 in materials

$0.00 in profit dollars


$1835.00 in materials

$0.00 in profit dollars


$4197.00 in materials

$0.00 in profit dollars


$8324.83 in materials

$6000.00 in profit dollars



About Lawrence Habitat for Humanity

Since it's founding in 1989 through December of 2007, Lawrence Habitat for Humanity built and then sold homes to nearly 70 working, low income individuals/families. The goal is to build an additional 16 homes by 2009. For more information about Lawrence Habitat for Humanity or about the families that Habitat builds homes with, go to www.lawrencehabitat.org .