Unneeded and reusable building materials, furniture and other household and construction items get a second life at the ReStore. By donating to the Habitat ReStore, you can:

1.  Support Lawrence Habitat for Humanity and their building program

2. Conserve landfill space

3. Receive a potential tax reduction

4. Free up space in your home/garage

The Habitat ReStore accepts new and used materials from contractors, suppliers, individuals, property managers and decorators. These materials are then sold at a fraction of the price they would normally cost to purchase.

All donated materials MUST meet these guidelines:

1. Residential Items: Must be intended for use in or have application in residential construction, improvement, or maintenance. Nothing labeled or specifically configured for industrial, commercial or professional use.

2. Structural Items: Must be structurally sound to perform its intended use. Nothing broken, missing, worn-out or otherwise  ‘falling apart.’

3. Functional Items: Must operate in a way that it can perform its intended use. No disabling damage, non-functioning components, or in any way inoperable.

4. Cosmetic: Must have an appearance acceptable to the general public to perform its intended use. Problems may include: alterations, certain damage, excessive dirt or other visible lack of maintenance, etc.

Click here for specific donation requirements organized by category.