Donating Electrical & Lighting

Electrical items include light fixtures, wiring, boxes and connectors, breakers, switch plate covers and ceiling fans.

All donated electrical items must:

  • Be fairly up to date
  • No corrosion or rust
  • Assorted ok
  • Boxed or sacked
  • No pieces (if a kit, etc)
  • No commercial

 Light Fixtures:

– All light fixtures must be fully functional, not be broken, protected for transport.

  • Fluorescent Lights
    • Do NOT accept fluorescent fixtures
  • Bulbs
    • Do NOT accept fluorescent bulbs


  • Wire should be at least 10 inches long

Boxes & Connectors:

  • No corrosion or rust
  • Not excessively dirty

Switch Plate Covers:

  • Clean
  • With matching screw
  • No paint
  • No Cracking

Ceiling Fans:

  • Working order with all parts
  • Must include ceiling/hanging bracket
  • No ceiling fans 10+ years