Donating Plumbing

Plumbing materials include the following: Bath, Shower, Toilet, Sink


  • Towel Bars, TP Holders, Soap Dishes, Toothbrush Holders
    • complete with mounting brackets and hardware
    • any porcelain items must be new
  • Handicap Grab Bars & Support Items
    • In good condition with all parts, mounting brackets, and accessories
  • Bathtubs
    • Any color acceptable (Standard size ONLY)
    • Steel & cast iron: no chips in finish larger than a dime, no dents.
    • Fiberglass: no cracks or broken edges, little to no discoloration, no extra holes.
    • Claw foot tubs: acceptable in any condition (within reason).


  • Clean
  • No chips or cracks
  • Must include tank, tank lid and bowl
  • Will accept tank lids by themselves


  • Kits/Sets preferred (all panels, doors with frame and base) but all parts accepted as described below.
  • Panel Sets
    • Full sets only
    • Not damaged
    • No excessive discoloration
    • Relatively clean
  • Base
    • Relatively clean with no cracks or other damage
  • Inserts
    • No damage
    • No excessive discoloration
    • Relatively clean.
  • We DO NOT accept shower doors.
  • We do not accept single/double vanity tops (one piece sink/counter combo) without a matching cabinet


  • Kitchen sinks
    • normal wear and tear ok
    • no scratches or cracks in finish
    • no bent rims.
  • Bathroom wall mount
    • must come complete with wall mount
  • Bathroom bowl
    • only new cast iron
    • new/used plastic or porcelain ok
    • steel sinks ok if not chipped or rusted.
  • Antique sinks
    • must have visual inspection
  • Vanity tops, single bowl
    • Accompanied by matching cabinet only
  • Vanity tops, double bowl
    • Accompanied by matching cabinet only
  • Utility Sinks
    • new or used
    • relatively clean
    • legs if they have them
  • Mop Sinks
    • new or used
    • relatively clean