Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the materials sold at the ReStore come from?

  • The Habitat ReStore accepts new & used materials from individuals, property managers, contractors, suppliers, and other local stores and businesses.

What do you sell at the ReStore?

  • Sale items consist of, but are certainly not limited to: Appliances, cabinets, paint, plumbing and lighting fixtures, doors & windows, furniture, hardware & lumber, etc. We have some unexpected items come through as well

How often do you get new merchandise?

  • Our inventory is constantly changing – we receive new donations daily. We recommend if you are looking for something specific to come in and take a look or contact us – we’d be happy to check to see if we have what you need in stock!

How are items priced at the ReStore?

  • Materials are sold to the public at 40-75% off the retail price.

How do I go about donating an item?

  • If you have a new or reusable item or materials, call us at 785-856-6920 ext. 1  You can also drop your items off in the ReStore’s donation processing center at the store 708 Connecticut Street. You can access the donation drop-off area through the back alley behind the store. Donations require an appointment by clicking here: Donation Appointment

Are my donations tax-deductible?

  • Your donation may be tax deductible, depending on your situation. The ReStore will provide a receipt for your donation for your tax records.

Does the ReStore place a value on the items donated?

  • No, you place the value on your donated materials.

Will you pick up items?

  • It is a possibility. However, due to our limited pick-up schedule we prefer to have donations dropped off.

Do you have a deconstruction program?

  • We do not offer deconstruction services, but we suggest contacting the Kansas City ReStore who does have a reconstruction program.