Montage Paint

ReStore now carries a great selection of Montage paint for your painting needs. In January 2019 we stopped accepting donated paints and stains and began carrying Montage paint. Customer feedback has been phenomenal and so far Montage Paint is well liked! To learn more about Montage Paint please read the following from their website and check out their website for even more information.

Educating America on Upcycled Paint

“Waste not, want not” was more than just an old saying for our grandparents. It was a way of life. Every household in America wants to make the most of their dollar. Now, America has found a new way to paint which will make bank accounts – and the planet – healthier.
Wasteful methods of manufacturing paint have opened a door for innovation by pioneers of upcycled paint. The process of upcycling paint combats the losses of outdated methods which have wasted time, money and resources.
The Problem: Manufactured Paint Waste
Paint waste starts from day one of the paint making process where drinkable groundwater is contaminated by sloppy run-off. This puts families which count on the water, and the larger ecosystems around the area, at risk.
The inefficient process continues with the extraction of raw materials which make up paint where up to 30 tons of earth can be ruined to compile a single ton of usable material. With the extraction of hundreds of millions of tons of titanium and similar ingredients annually, the result can be six quadrillion tons of ruined earth.
This is enough earth to cover the entire United States of America six yards deep in soil.
This loss of land and groundwater is made worse by harvesting and processing the fossil fuels used to power chemical refineries, paint manufacturing plants and transportation.
The Solution: A Pro-Budget, Pro-Planet Model
Good business is about solving problems. Upcycled paint offers a better-quality product for those who demand excellence in design, and more affordable than paint produced by inferior means. Most importantly, upcycled paint treats our planet with respect.
Advantages of Upcycled Paint:
It’s cost-effective and more affordable than newly manufactured virgin paint.
Upcycled paint has a stronger hold on surfaces due to the upcycling process.
Every single gallon of upcycled paint saves 100 kilowatt hours of energy, which translates into 115 pounds of Carbon Dioxide which would have otherwise been released into the atmosphere.[1]
By using upcycled paint, you help keep free-flowing liquids out of solid waste landfills.
Our life-sustaining planet will live longer, and has a greater ability to heal itself without constantly being mined and polluted.
Each gallon of upcycled paint used saves an estimated 13 gallons of clean water.
It’s never too late to get started with upcycled paint. The most popular colors are readily available at your local upcycled paint distributor. You’ll find upcycled paint stores throughout the country and online. Be sure to check Amazon and other retail websites for your favorite colors in upcycled paint. Just search for “environmentally friendly” or “upcycled” paint. Whether you’re remodeling a room or buying a new home, it’s important to be good to the environment while saving money.
Thank you for following along, America. Happy painting!